Canadians Don’t Steal?

A story published in on February 20, 2019 went viral not only in Canada, but all over the world. The Food Basics grocery store located on Barrack Street in a small Canadian town of Kingston (Ontario) was supposed to be closed on Family Day, but with the doors open, some ‘customers’ opted to ‘shop’ there anyway. What surprised everybody is that nobody stole anything during the whole day, despite the fact that the store had 0 employees present.

Canadians Don't Steal / Image, Picture, Drawing / MapleDude.Ca
Original drawing by MapleDude.Ca

During the federal holiday stores supposed to be closed, but for some reason this one remained open. Clerks, cashiers and managers didn’t come to work, but the doors were open, so customers started to enter anyway.

People just went there, got what they wanted and simply left money on the counter. After managers found out about that they stated that “nothing was stolen or damaged”. Police came to the store later that day to count losses, but they had no case.

This store, apparently, had no self-checkout machines, but it didn’t stop people from purchasing everything in a fare way without any supervision. When this story got shared around the world it only proved how good, polite and fare Canadians are.