How Much Do You Make In The Canadian Military?

Military forces members serve to defend their land and its values, it is a dangerous job. In some countries military service is mandatory, usually those countries are under a constant threat of invasion.

Canada enjoys its safe geographical position with no troubling countries on its borders. The only land border Canada has is with its long-term ally, the United States. So Canada doesn’t need a huge military to protect itself, although Canada is heavily involved in all major world conflicts on a side of the United States, The UN and NATO.

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Serving in the Canadian military force is not mandatory for Canadians, but some people choose to join the forces anyway. It is a respectful job which gives a person some useful technical and social skills, and it is good for the country. Some people, however, want to serve in military for money and Canadian government does pay for that because people should be well compensated for their time and efforts.

Today’s question is:

How Much Do You Make In The Canadian Military?

Some people expect to get a lot of money from the job, but they don’t understand that Canadian army is not a group of well payed murderers or mercenaries, it is something else.

In 2014 theglobeandmail posted that the salary in the Canadian Army starts from $30,000 and then increases to more than $55,000, depending on rank and occupation.

According to (updated 2019) salaries in the National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces were:

  • Operator – $51,455 per year;
  • Vehicle Technician – $50,692 per year;
  • Electrical Technician – $49,500 per year;
  • Engineering Technician – $49,400 per year;
  • Infantryman – $101 per day;
  • Medical Officer – $148,700 per year;
  • Signals Officer – $51,330 per year;
  • Soldier – $94.39 per day;
  • Combat Engineer – $106 per day;
  • Cook – $49,159 per year;

As you can see the pay there right now is a bit above the national average, but it is not that high. Salary depends on the rank and another good benefit for solders is their pensions and compensations.

In conclusion it is safe to say that the money reasoning for going to the Canadian Military Forces can’t be the main one, you can make much more money elsewhere. Military career should be chosen for different reasons and there are plenty of them, but not the money.

Army can provide a valuable life experience, benefits for further education and some career opportunities, but it is not the place where you go to become rich.