Quebec’s Flag Day

In January 21, 1948 a new flag of Quebec was officially adopted in Canada by Maurice Duplessis, 16th Premier of the Canadian province of Quebec. Today its floating over the main tower and many other government buildings representing French Canadian heritage.

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The official name of the flag is “Fleurdelisé”. Cross on flags is very common in Europe (England, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden and many other examples), this is the main symbol of Christianity. “fleurs-de-lis“, a small white French symbol on blue background means purity and royalty, and the blue background represents heaven.

It was an earlier version that showed gilt fleurs de lis all pointing inward to the intersection of the arms of the cross. The final version, with white fleurs de lis pointing upward, apparently had not yet been available.

You can watch a video by J.J. McCullough with a short yet informative history of Canadian flags, including the flag of Quebec (4:40):

All about Canada’s provincial flags

Canadian Trends 2018

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The most popular topics among Canadians in 2018

It’s time to look back at 2018 to see what was popular in Google search in Canada last year. Google Trends service provides a lot of statistics for many countries every year, you can trendy search queries and find out about things people were interested in.

MapleDude.Ca prepared a quick summary on the top trends of 2018.

Big news in 2018 were about cannabis and the post strike. As Bitcoin falling down this cryptocurrency became less interesting to people, but games like Fortnite and Fallout 76 were popular when it comes to tech sector. iPhone Xs took 5-th place this category.

Many people wanted to know how old is Prince Harry (He’s 34), and how old is Meghan Markle (37).

This was kind of a surprise in the Royal Wedding.

Some people were curious about how many ends in curling.

In international news the #1 event was the world cup in Russia.

People said goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Mac Miller, Avicii and Stephen Hawking in 2018.

People were watching Black Panther, Deadpool 2, A Star is Born, Venom and A Quiet Place in movie theaters. These TV shows were popular among Canadians: Altered Carbon, Roseanne, The Haunting of Hill House, Fugueuse, Lost in Space.

People enjoyed listening to Demi Lovato, Freddie Mercury, Cardi B, 6ix9ine and Travis Scott.

Here are the most popular food recipes of 2018:

  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Thigh
  • Meatloaf

And finally these are the most popular questions in 2018:

  • Why is Canada Post on strike?
  • Why is 6ix9ine going to jail?
  • Why is Russia banned from the Winter Olympics 2018?
  • Why do Greeks break plates?
  • Why do dogs eat poop?

Remembrance Day In Canada

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November 11 is a memorial day in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries of Commonwealth of Nations (former territories of the British Empire). This day is called Remembrance Day or Poppy Day (“Armistice Day” before that).

On that day these countries recall members of armed forces who have died in the line of duty during first World War and other conflicts.

A red flower people wear on that day is called “Red Remembrance Poppy”. This day is known in many countries as Veterans day (Independence Day in Poland, Remembrance of the Dead in Netherlands etc.) and it’s often a public holiday.

Cannabis and Marijuana in Canada

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Mowing that grass

Good news everyone, travel destination #3 in North America just moved to the top as marijuana is now 100% legal in Canada

October 17, 2018 was a big day for the country, on that day The Cannabis Act which made Canada one of very few countries (along with Georgia, South Africa and Uruguay) where smoking pot for personal, medical and recreation purposes is not illegal.

There are other places on the globe with limited rights to use the herb, but only small number of countries with full legalization.

Government of Canada points out that there are 3 main reasons to legalize it:

  • Keep it out of the hands of youth;
  • Keep profits out of the pockets of criminals;
  • Protect public health and safety by allowing adults access to legal cannabis.

There are already ads on YouTube with official messages from government, for example in Ontario the ad says that you actually can’t buy weed anywhere and from anyone, you have to buy it from a special governmental store. There are still some reasonable restrictions on where you can vape or smoke it, for instance you can’t use it in indoor common areas, enclosed public places and enclosed work places.

Of course you can’t use it close (<20 m.) to schools and places where children gather. Hospitals, hospices and care homes are also no smoking zones. Plus, it is illegal and dangerous to smoke while you drive.

You can official and legally buy Cannabis in Canada online here:

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