One week you should take garbage out in Canada, another one is the Recycling day. If you put a wrong kind of litter out it is just not going to be cleaned up. The city will ignore it and for a big house it can became an issue as trash will stuck up for the next weeks.

Is It Garbage or Recycling Day / MapleDude.Ca /
Image from GarbageDay website

So how to know for sure that it is garbage or recycling day? One solution is to just put a reminder on your phone or an alarm clock, it is not a bad idea, but came up with a simpler free solution.

GarbageDay, a venture from RBC Ventures Inc. offers 100% free service which will help you manage your trash.

Instead of asking your neighbours or looking around to see what they did with the trash (and they can be wrong too!) you can sign up for a free service which will remind you about the garbage:

Go to their website, enter the street number, your email and mobile phone to get notification every week.

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