Canada is the 2-nd largest country by area (9,984,670 km square), but how many people live there?

According to the StatCan in 2016 there were 36.26 million people living in Canada.

The number of people who live in a country is possible to calculate only based on a recent census, which was held in Canada in 2016 (before that in 2011, 2006 and 2001). After that this number is calculated based on a model and an assumption that the number will change according to the projected model. So until the next census it is impossible to say how many people live in the country for sure.

The estimate population of Canada in 2018 was 37,058,856 people.

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Canada has a very low population density with only 3.4 per square km., this makes Canada 230-th country (out of 241) by population density. This is partially due to the climate conditions in the country, most of the Canadian land is cold and even frozen all year, the majority of people live in big cities near the southern border.

Canadian total population grows staidly because of the immigration, but population is aging. According to Statistics Canada country’s population increased by over half a million in a year 2018.

The country’s annual population growth rate for 2017/2018 was 1.4%

Statistics Canada

Like in many developed countries, the population growth in Canada comes mostly from newcomers, in 2018 Canada welcomed over 300,000 new permanent residents and this number grows every year.

Total Fertility Rate in Canada was equal to 1.494 in 2017 (1.4 babies per family), this represents so called “natural growth”, the population growth which does not take into account immigration.

Statistics Canada predicts total population of Canada to be 44 mil. in 2031 and 56 mil. in 2051 with +10% increase every 10 years. US Census Bureau expects a smaller numbers, 38 mil. in 2030 and 41 mil. in 2050.

The lowest median age in Canada (people age younger) is observed in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Alberta, the highest age is in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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