Totem Poles In Canada / Drawing, picture, image / Maple Dude Ca
Original image by MapleDude.Ca

Totem Poles are spiritual structures of first nations and indigenous peoples of the north. They can be found in Canada, United States (Alaska) and rarely in some other places like Russian northern and siberian territories, northern Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, etc.) and in Africa.

A Totem is a sacred object for a group of people, family or a tribe. It is often portrays animals, nature, evil or good spirits.

Totemism, being part of animistic religions, was common in many places, but in Canada it is particularity well represented. Canadians have a certain respect towards the native people and their beliefs, they are seeing totems as important historical heritage objects.

Totem poles can be found in many Canadian provinces, but the most famous is the British Columbia, many Canadian parks and public places there still have original totem poles.

It is important to say that many modern totems, including an original image featured in this article – are not proper representation of the totems.

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