What Is The Official Motto Of Canada? / Drawing, picture, image / MapleDude.Ca

The official motto of Canada is:

From sea to sea

This phrase comes from Latin Vulgate in Bible and originally sounds:

“A Mari Usque Ad Mare”

Here is this quote with translation from King James Bible:

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth”

The word “Dominion” in Bible’s quote is important because in the Colonial Conference of 1907 self-governing colonies Canada and Australia was refereed as Dominions for the first time. The status of Dominion was somewhere between a dependent colony and a sovereign state, therefore being a Dominion meant a higher status in British Colony Empire. This motto was also connected to building Canadian Pacific Railway, which goes from one coast on the east to another on the west.

Today phrase “From sea to sea” in written on the official Coat of Arms of Canada, Canadian passports and other federal government proclamations.

Canadian Coat of Arms was redesigned in 1921, but this motto was included by king George V and Order in Council a bit later (April 21, 1921). The initial idea of using such motto belongs to Joseph Pope.

This is original image and article by MapleDude.Ca.

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