Huge Canadian Coastline And Beaches / Maple Dude / Drawing, Image, Picture

Canada has some nice beaches, surprise.

You don’t usually think of Canada as a country of great long and beautiful beaches, but the fact is that Canada actually has the largest coastline in the world with a total coastline length of 202,080 kilometers. (Source)

On top of that there is a huge shores near Great Lakes and rivers.

The second country with the largest coastlines in the world is Indonesia, and the 3rd place takes Russia, with a total coastline length of 37, 653 km.

For a place without a sun and sand reputation Canada has some nice places near water to spend your weekends or vacation during short summer.

Speaking of quality of those beaches, Canada has total of 32 so called “Blue Flag beaches“. Those are places which meet high standards of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Mexico for example has only 21 of such flags.

It is hard to say what is the best beach in Canada, but good reputation have: Long Beach in Vancouver Island (British Columbia), Tribune Bay in Hornby Island (British Columbia), Devonshire Beach (Alberta), Grand Beach (Manitoba) and Wasaga Beach in Ontario province.

This is original image and article by MapleDude.Ca.

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