Canadian Mac and Cheese / Image, Drawing, Picture / MapleDude.Ca
Looks yummy? If so – you are probably a Canadian

A fun fact about Kraft Mac & Cheese (Macaroni and Cheese), a fast food popular in United States and Canada. Canadians consume a crazy amount of this food. According to Book by Kitty Shea – Teens in Canada (2008), Canadians buy 1.7 million boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese every week and total world sales are 7 million boxes.

Canadians purchase about 25% of total world’s production of this food.

Kraft Mac & Cheese made of natural ingredients made in Canada and USA. it is packaged in Quebec with Canadian wheat and milk.

Why this cheap food is very successful especially in Canada and it is even called de facto national dish? Even former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin said that it is his favorite dish, Stephen Harper mentioned that he cooks it for his kids as well.

A good explanation gives Canadian novelist and artist Douglas Coupland:

Cheese plays a weirdly large dietary role in the lives of Canadians, who have a more intimate and intense relationship with Kraft food products than the citizens of any other country. This is not a shameless product plug — for some reason, Canadians and Kraft products have bonded the way Australians have bonded with Marmite, or the English with Heinz baked beans. In particular, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, known simply as Kraft Dinner, is the biggie, probably because it so precisely laser-targets the favored Canadian food groups: fat, sugar, starch and salt.

Mac & Cheese is easy to cook, simple, affordable, delicious, it is sold all around the country and it is good with beer. What’s not to like?


Kraft Dinner is a frequent staple of Canadian university student diets, particularly those in heavy debt.

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