Canada Has The Most Lakes

“My lake is bigger than yours!”

A few fun facts and questions:

Which Country has the most lakes? What country has the most freshwater?

Answer – Canada. Or is it?

Land of a Thousand Lakes is actually another name of Finland, which has more than 187,888 lakes. Russia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran) has the biggest lake by area – Caspian Sea (considered by some people as a lake), and the Russia again has the deepest lake in the world and largest volume freshwater lake in the world – Baikal.

Speaking about the amount of freshwater, Brazil has the highest volume of renewable freshwater resources, approximately 8,233 cubic km (12% of the world’s freshwater resources), mostly in Amazon Region.

The Superior lake located in Canada and United States is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America by surface area.

Although if we look at country ranking of renewable internal freshwater resources per capita in cubic meters Canada takes 8th place in the world, the highest place among big and developed countries (source –

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