A Big Canadian Baby

A Canadian with long read beard from Saskatchewan (it’s North…) walks into an American bar in Pennsylvania to have a few beers. His old BlackBerry cell phone rings, he answers, yells, hangs up, and buys a round for the house.

What’s the occasion?

Asks one of the regulars.

New baby boy, son number four, very healthy, weighs in at 20 lbs, just like his brothers did.

Twenty pounds? You’ve got to be a bit loopy, pal.

No, no, that’s abOut average up north. We have to grow big to stay warm. He’s a 20-pounder all right.

A few weeks later he’s back in the same bar. All the regulars ask him how much his new boy weighs right now.

About 10 pounds now, so says the wife.

Ten pounds? What happened? Where is the rest 50%?  Is he sick?

The Canadian laughs.

No, no, he’s healthy as a moose. We just had him circumcised.

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